Burnley® Baffles is our internationally patented dust suppression device specifically designed to reduce the escape of dust from dump hoppers and chutes handling dry granular bulk raw materials such as grains and ores. When applied to a hopper alone Burnley® Baffles can eliminate up to 80% of dust. With an additional dust collector applied directly to a hopper 100% of dust can be eliminated.

How does it work?

The solution is achieved through a simple but efficient design based on the principles of gravity and air movement.

The system consists of a set of modules that fill the open inlet face of a hopper. Each module contains a set of blades that pivot to allow the material flow into the hopper. The baffles strip the air moving through the hopper off the pieces of grain or ore because the air pressure on all sides of baffles is all but constant. As the air is not heavy enough to open the blades, only the product enters the hopper while the dust is kept below the blades.

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