Project Description

Bat Booth 2.0 personnel dedusting booth and health monitoring system

Frontline defense against dust-related lung diseases, heat-stress, and COVID-19 transmission

Key features and benefits

  • Rapidly dedusts workers using safe, refreshing compressed air
  • Removes particles from clothing and PPE in 10-12 seconds
  • Tracks usage for evidence of effective OH&S management
  • AI instantly recognizes employees, contractors, regular users 
  • Automatically checks for elevated temperature (heat-stress, virus)
  • Real-time SMS/email alerts to first responders and supervisors
  • View activities and print reports from the management portal

Bat Booth 2.0 is the world’s most advanced system for simultaneously reducing the risk of dust-related lung diseases, heat-stress, and onsite COVID-19 and influenza transmission.

Why dedusting is vital for workers in dusty situations

Workers in many occupations are exposed to respirable dust – jobs in mining, quarrying, construction, agriculture, food processing, and manufacturing, for example. Prolonged exposure can cause diseases like silicosis, ‘black lung’, ‘farmer’s lung’, and lung cancer.

PPE (eg: face masks) can help protect workers from respirable dust while they’re doing their tasks. But then, the risk persists when workers remove their PPE before taking a break or after finishing work for the day. A study found that once a worker’s clothing becomes contaminated, the dust can be liberated again through the movement of the clothing, exposing workers, and even families at home to the dangerous respirable particulates.

This is why Mideco developed the original Bat Booth. Workers are dedusted before they remove PPE or clothing and any risk of dust inhalation is dramatically reduced. Dust is removed within seconds and the blast of air feels comfortable and refreshing. So, not only do workers stay safer in the future, they enjoy using Bat Booth several times each shift.

In April 2020, Mideco released Bat Booth 2.0 with enhanced features including built-in facial recognition of employees and contractors; advanced health-screening capabilities, and digital user control with live dashboards for managers to monitor Bat Booth 2.0 usage by individuals. The ability to store history ‘forever’ and print instant reports can be very useful as evidence of effective workplace health and safety management whenever needed.

Respirable dust consists of particles considered to have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns (10 µm) or less and able to enter and deposit into the gas-exchange region of the human lung. Bat Booth 2.0 removes respirable dust from clothing and PPE within seconds.

How temperature checks keep workplaces safer

Temperature-checking personnel is one of the key defenses against the workplace transmission of COVID-19. Yet before anyone mentioned ‘coronavirus’, the need to protect workers from heat-stress in outdoor and many indoor laboring environments was clear.

Heat-stress is not just a risk to workers who start becoming disoriented and uncoordinated before succumbing to life-threatening effects. Workers who are not in proper control of their thoughts and actions can present a tremendous risk to coworkers and assets, particularly if their job involves the operation of vehicles or machinery.

Bat Booth 2.0 checks the temperature of users using algorithmic IR (infrared) mapping technology for accuracy within 0.3°. The process is non-invasive and takes only seconds. Whenever an anomaly is detected, the user is notified by an on-screen message, supervisors and first responders can be alerted instantly via SMS or email, and the event becomes easily visible on the management portal with instant drill-down to the details.

Regular users like employees and contractors are instantly recognized by Bat Booth 2.0 and new users are easily created. With the life-saving dedusting functions of Bat Booth 2.0 augmented by Bat Station (health checkpoints without dedusting), entire sites can be protected and monitored 24/7 through the Bat System management portal.

Bat Booth 2.0 mobile app interface

AI facial recognition and temperature-checking of users, even with PPE, takes just a few seconds as part of the dedusting process. Temperature-checking can alert to the potential risk of onsite COVID-19 transmission and save workers from life-threatening heat stress.

Management portal for multi-faceted derisking

Most modern machines and appliances come loaded with sensors and apps in what’s called the era of ‘digital transformation’ or ‘IoT’. Bat Booth 2.0 became ‘intelligent’ in 2020 through a development partnership with Pulse, the Australian technology company behind numerous AI/BI breakthroughs in mining and other mission-critical industries.

The Bat Booth 2.0 management portal provides real-time monitoring as each worker undergoes dedusting and temperature checking. AI facial recognition automatically logs time-stamped dedusting and temperature-checking results against individual records in the system. With live dashboard visibility for managers on any laptop or PC, and instant SMS or email alerts sent to first responders and supervisors, any risk of heat-stroke or potential onsite virus transmission can be eliminated or minimized without delay.

Beyond the minimization of immediate workforce risks like heat-stress and COVID-19 – the long-term value of Bat Booth 2.0 intelligence and record-keeping to companies could be helping to mitigate claims for dust-related lung diseases many years down the track. When workers are often employed by several different firms in the course of their career, it can be impossible to determine which site contributed more or less to the worker’s eventual condition, so the liability is often apportioned arbitrarily between the various employers. However, with Bat Booth 2.0, any company can rely on forensic-standard reporting to contend that the worker was dedusted to the highest NIOSH standards while at their site.

Bat Booth 2.0 management portal tracks dedusting activity by individual users and also their temperature-checking results in real-time. It’s easy to view, download, and print reports. Forensic-standard reporting data can be stored forever.

User safety comes first with Bat Booth 2.0

These important safety features have been incorporated into the Bat Booth® 2.0:

  • Dual start buttons to prevent accidental start

  • Stop button to shut off compressed air flow

  • Adjustable jets to prevent compressed air from being directed above shoulder height

  • PPE signage to ensure the dust mask and eye & ear protection is worn inside the dedusting booth due to the compressed air and airborne dust

  • LED lighting inside the dedusting booth

  • Low voltage electrics for control, lighting and instrumentation

  • Low noise level (70dBa) inside the booth

What’s inside Bat Booth 2.0

The dust collector fan draws clean air into the booth through louvers mounted high on the side panels, creating a downdraft. Simultaneously the dedusting air jets blow the dust off the person’s clothing as they turn around slowly. The compressed air and dust are then carried with the clean air to the integrated dust collector.

During operation, the booth is maintained under negative pressure at all times. This ensures that all of the dust removed from the worker’s soiled clothing is contained within the cleaning booth and captured by the dust collector before the cleaned air is exhausted.

Efficient dust collection and HEPA filtration

The dust collector is a cartridge type filtering system integrated into the dedusting booth package. The dust collector design is inclusive of:

HEPA Filter
  • HEPA cartridge filter elements

  • The efficiency of these elements is 99.9% for particles less than 0.4µm

  • Ventilation fan built into the back of the booth

  • The impellor of this fan is polycarbonate, allowing for blade design of the highest available efficiencies in terms of flow, pressure, and noise

Built-in user control interface and system communication tablet

The built-in tablet provides easy operation, AI facial recognition, temperature checking, and real-time feedback, data storage, and distribution.

Electrical control system

The electrical control system requires a single 3 phase connection which supplies power to all the elements of the system.  All field devices and external user control panels are 0V contacts or 24V DC to minimize risks to users and maintenance personnel.

Internationally compliant air receiver

The air receiver is compliant with all relevant standards and is supplied with supporting documentation should registration be required.

Watch our videos for dedusting in action

Ask about Bat Booth 2.0 for one or more sites

Mideco makes it easy to consider the purchase of Bat Booth 2.0 through live online demonstrations; free onsite trials (some regions in Australia and other countries); generous trade-ins to switch from an original Bat Booth to Bat Booth 2.0 (Australia only); and obligation-free quotations. Your inquiry will be handled by Mideco directly or referred to your nearest Mideco agent.

Download brochures and fact sheets

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Download industry case studies

Aggressive environment

BHP Billiton, Olympic Dam SA

Cement production

Cemento Polpaico SA, Chile

Copper smelting

Glencore, Mt Isa QLD

Clay processing

3M, North Carolina USA

Clay processing

Austral Brick, Australia

Grain processing


Hard rock quarrying

Boral, Australia

Hard rock quarrying

Hanson Cement, Australia

Iron ore mining

Karara Mine, WA


Sun Pharmaceutical, TAS

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