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Spare Parts

We provide spares of the highest quality for all types of dust control equipment, with the most frequently used parts being held in stock. We also supply fluorescent dye powder for dust collector leak tests.

Item P/N Photo
30-30 Prefilter PREFILTER
Armour full COM-003
Armour half COM-004-G
Back mullion COM-009-G
Back mullion (ECS) MULB2
Cloth strip double CSDRAPE
Cloth strip single CSSPE
De-dusting nozzle DDB-ANOZ-001
Dust wall clip (gang type) COM-005-G
Eyebolt assembly COM-008-G
Eyebolt assembly (bolt, spring, nut & washer) COM-008-G
Foam tape (24 mm, 36 mm, 75 mm) FT24, FT36, FT75
Horizonta seal THORS
Mullion front COM-002-G
Roller dog assembly TRDA
Rotary valve 200mm VRF200
Traveller 28 tooth Sprocket
Traveller 48 tooth sprocket and hub T48TSP
Traveller bottom wheel TBW
Traveller drive shaft and keys TDS-001
Traveller hose (7ÔÇŁx12ÔÇÖ6ÔÇŁ) THOSE7126
Traveller idler shaft TIS
Traveller top wheel TTW
Vertical seals TVERTS

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