Mideco presented Bat Booth 2.0 during METS Tech Talk 'Operating in a New Normal'

Last week Melton White, director of Mideco, took part in METS Tech Talk
‘Operating in a New Normal’.

The event was conducted by Austmine and was focused on presenting solutions
to Monitor, Manage and Mitigate COVID-19’ – the solutions that can assist
companies comply with restrictions and regulations.

Recently launched Bat Booth 2.0, personnel dedusting system with real time
temperature monitoring and reporting, presented by Melton White was a great
success, considering the fact that miners may be especially vulnerable in the
time of the coronavirus due to the significant incidence of lung damage from exposure to coal dust, silica and diesel exhaust.

Being now digitally enabled with instant alerts and real-time monitoring
dashboards to track viral illness transmission and heat stress, we are proud to announce that Bat Both 2.0 is particularly effective in managing the major risks the frontline workers may face in mining and quarrying because of the nature of the work.

Learn more about newly designed Bat Both 2.0

Melton White’s presentation is available for download