Mideco is relishing participation in NSW Coal Mining Roadshow with its innovative Bat Booth 2.0 for mines and quarries.

With Bat Both sold around the world, we are still continuously focused on strengthening its presence locally in Australia to help businesses adapt to rapidly changing COVID-19 environment and use new technologies and applications in workforce health management.

At NSW Mining Roadshow, Melton White (Director, Mideco) will present Bat Booth 2.0 with its newly designed features in response to COVID-19 ÔÇô protection against workplace transmissions of viral diseases by real-time temperature monitoring and instant reporting to managers via automatic alerts and real time-dashboards.

By sharing these unique Bat Both 2.0 features with the broader business community, we are aiming to prove its significant value in early detection of onset of the heat stress for workers in arduous environments on top of its main function ÔÇô de-dusting of personnel clothes.

Support compliance with new NSW Government standards for managing respirable coal dust from February 2021 by having Bat Booth 2.0 installed!